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 « ARARAUNA, an Ecuadorian story. 
My name is Beatriz Garcia and I am General Manager at ARARUANA. I am convinced that Ecuador needs a new brand of great chocolate that not only highlights the virtues of fine cacao beans, but that also respects the environment and the rights of artisanal growers. 
ARARAUNA is also a story about Ecuadorians. Its cacao originates in small organic farming plots in the Esmeraldas province in the north of Ecuador. These farmers belong to APROCA, which is a co-op formed by small cacao producers who follow the standards of biological agriculture.  
Respecting fair trade standards, the cacao is then bought and processed by Ecuatoriana de Chocolates, a chocolate factory in Quito, which uses selected beans to produce rich flavorful 70% dark chocolate.  
ARARAUNA, packages and brands this floral and fruity chocolate for local and international sale. All in all, the whole process contributes to the local economy, with a deep sense of social and environmental responsibility.  
ARARAUNA, is above all, a great chocolate ».

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